I just found out........that Sho likes camouflage

I'm not a big Arashi fan, or anything, but I do see them on my dash a lot. I kinda like them a bit since they're pretty chill dudes.

Anyway, I saw a post in my dash talking about Sho meeting Kataoka Ainosuke-san. He paid Sho's bill in the restaurant and his reaction to meeting Sho was that he had lame clothes on.

Aiba's reaction was to ask if Sho wore anything with camouflage and Ainosuke san said that what Sho wore was nothing as fancy.

Sho then said that news about his camouflage addiction has gotten so commonplace that all he ever receives are camouflage patterned clothes as gifts. He says his closet now looks like it belongs to someone from the military.



I love this guy. He's really great. I mean, he's funny, reliable, scrappy, air head, but he's entirely loveable. I get it. He's great. I love him, I do.

But goodness, stop acting as if he birthed the whole of Japan out of his ass while smoking a fucking cigar.

I love him as much as the next guy, really. But do you see me praising his every shit? Dammit. Even his doing of number two, you sing songs and praises about, like fuckin' a man. Let it goooooooooo0o0o0o0o0o0o.

Obligatory first post!

Hello reader!

Hmmmm. I didn't notice that I've already had LJ for a while, but I haven't posted. Pfffft. Ahhhh.. where to begin? Well, I just thought of using my LJ account to follow my beloved fandoms (shoutout to twintowerfs!!). However, I now feel that I can use it to write about anything and everything I want. Well, mostly related to my faves. ^_^

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